Aunt Bridget

'Aunt Bridget' is an adaptation of a story from the childhood memoires 'Song for a Poor Boy' of the Cork poet and writer Patrick Galvin. Set in the 1930's the film pays tribute to a woman who had the courage to live her life in disregard to the conventions of her time.

6 min, 35 mm, colour, cell and puppet animation.

Script and narration: Patrick Galvin

Additional Voices: Dominick Moore and Suzy O’Mullane

Cell animation: Vladislav Bairamgulov

Camera rental and technical advice: Norbert Hobrecht

Lighting assistant: Gary Corbey

Picture editing facility: Frameworks Films

Animation support: Edith Pieperhoff

Music: John Spillane

Sound recording: Dennis Herlihy and Rupert Mac Carthy-Morrogh

Sound mix: Phil Croxall at BBC Wales

The film was funded by the Irish Film Board, RTE and the Irish Arts Council under a Frameworks Scheme and opened the Cork Film Festival in 2003 together with 'Raggy Boy' an adaptation of Patrick Galvin's autobiographical novel 'Song for a Raggy Boy'.