The Imperial Message

Based on the parable ‘An Imperial Message’ (Eine kaiserliche Botschaft) by Franz Kafka (1919) the film features the fruitless attempts of a messenger to deliver a message that the Emperor left for his subject on his death bed. SInce the Imperial courtyards and staircases are never ending and the Imperial city which lies beyond is so dense that it can not be penetrated, the subject, who is to receive the message, can only ‘dream it to himself when evening comes’.

6:30 min, 16mm, black and white

puppet- and photo animation

Narration: Bob Evans

Translation: Veronica Kelly

Voice recording: Ray Barron, Cork,

Animation: Orla Boyle

Set Design: Geraldine Creedon and Eithne Ring

Additional models: Geraldine Creedon

Additional model construction: Emmet Harton

Camera track construction: Mick Hurley MAAS

Music: The Guo Brothers Group, London

Music recording: Andrew Lynwood, London

Neg. Cutting: Burt Andrews

Sound: Phil Croxall and Peter Brooke at BBC Wales

Co-producer: Catherine Kirwan

Series Co-ordinator: Jean Rice

The film was funded by the Irish Film Board, RTE, the Northern Ireland Film Council and the Irish Arts Council under a Frameworks Scheme and opened the Cork Film Festival in 1996.