The film ..JOY.. was inspired by a piece of contemporary organ music by Olivier Messiaen with the title: ‘Transports de joies d’une ame devant la gloire du Christe qui est la sienne.’ Images of a modern dance solo which was choreographed to the music and a camera drive through the interior of the underground organ chamber of St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral Cork are layered through multiple projection.

The 7 min, 16 mm, silent film was projected at St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral to a live performance of the organ piece at an event that opened the Cork Film Festival in 2006. An exhibition that documented the making of the film to a performance of ‘Le Loriot’ from the ‘Catalogue d’Oiseaux’ by Olivier Messiaen preceded the screening. The event was funded by The Irish Arts Council as part of the ‘06 Project Fund’.

Choreography: Mary Brady                 

Solo dance performance: Imna Moya 

Camera: Norbert Hobrecht                  

Organist: Colin Nicholls                      Production: Brid Corcoran

Direction: Stefanie Dinkelbach        Technical Supervision: Brendan Roycroft