Film productions pre 1996:

1991  NICER THAN THEY THINK THEY ARE, 16 mm, 6 min, clay animation

1994  GAME OF RULES, in collaboration with Phil Croxall, 16 mm, 7 min, model animation

1994  HURRY-HURRY, 16 mm, 1 min, cut-out/ puppet animation

Since 1996:

1996 THE IMPERIAL MESSAGE, 35 mm, 6.5 min, photo/puppet animation, adaptation of a parable by Franz Kafka

1998  SEAMAI THE SEAL, 16 mm, 3.5 min, cut-out / clay animation, educational film

2000  SEAMAI 2, Composting is Cool, 16 mm, 3.5 min, cut-out / clay animation, ed. film

2004 SEAMAI 3, Taking Care of Hazardous Waste, 16 mm, 3.5 min, cut-out / clay animation, educational film

2003 AUNT BRIDGET, 35mm, 6 min, puppet / cell animation in collaboration with Vlad Bairamgulov. Adaptation of a short story by Patrick Galvin

2006 ..JOY.., 5 min, 16 mm experimental silent film, animated super-projection of live action footage. Visual adaptation of the organ piece ‘Transports du joies d’une âme...’ by Olivier Messiaen and part of a Ciné-Concert to live organ music at St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral Cork

2012  DAS VERMÄCHTNIS, 42 min, audio-visual reflection on collective memory. Archive and documentary footage, digital format. Part of a Ciné-Concert that includes light projections in collaboration with Katarina Veldhues and Gottfried Schumacher

2014 THERE ARE NO OTHER ‘OTHERS’: TOWARDS A SUSTAINABLE ETHICS, 25 min, audio-visual reflection using excerpts from THE LEGACY to quotations from Rosi Braidotti (2006, 2013)

Production awards:

1991 Production Award by the Welsh Arts Council for NICER THAN THEY THINK THEY ARE

1992 Production Award by the Welsh Arts Council and the Wales Film Council for GAME OF RULES

1996 Production Award by The Irish Film Board, The Arts Council, RTE and The Northern Ireland Film Council for THE IMPERIAL MESSAGE

2003 Production Award by The Irish Film Board, The Arts Council and RTE for AUNT BRIDGET

2005 Project Award 06 by the Irish Arts Council for ..JOY..


1992 Equipment Bursary by Filmworks Wales for HURRY-HURRY

Screenings include:

1992 International Film Festival Aberystwyth, Wales

1994 International Animation Festival Cardiff, Wales

1994 International Film Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland/Derry, N. Ireland

1994/95/96/03/06 International Film Festival Cork, Ireland

1994/97/99 Galway Film Fleadh, Ireland

1994/97 International Animation Festival, Dublin, Ireland

1997/98 Manchester Irish Film Festival, UK

1997/99 Krok, International Animation Festival, Ukraine

1998/00 Trickfilmfestival, Stuttgart, Germany

1998 Irish Film Festival Montreal, Canada

1998 International Film Festival, Halifax, Canada

2004 Irish Film Festival, Chicago, US

2004 International Film Festival, Vilnius, Lithuania

2014  Dublin Biennial, Ireland

2000 Member of the International Jury, Trickfilm-Festival, Stuttgart

2001 Member of the International Jury, Moscow International Children’s Animation Film Festival

Current project work: The staging of the film event DAS VERMÄCHTNIS

DAS VERMÄCHTNIS, a 42 min. film that is dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Holocaust, formed the practice-based part of a PhD and was completed in 2012. The film is meant to be screened as part of a live music event with large scale light projections to a German audience.