Films 1

Literature adaptations

Funded by the Irish Film Board, RTE , the Northern Ireland Film Board and the Irish Arts Council under the Frameworks Scheme, two short animated films are based on a parable by Franz Kafka and a short story by the Cork poet and writer Patrick Galvin respectively.



Experimental art film production

Funded by the Irish Arts Council under a ‘06 Project award, the short experimental silent film ..JOY.. is conceived as a visual adaptation of the organ piece ‘Transports du joie d’une ame...’ by Olivier Messiaen and part of a Cine-Concert. The film was screened to live organ music and opened the Cork International Film Festival in 2006.

Current project

As part of a practice-based PhD programme the 42 min experimental film DAS VERMÄCHTNIS is conceived as part of a Cine-Concert with light projection in collaboration with Katarina Veldhues and Gottfried Schumacher. The film acknowledges the psychological origins of the Holocaust and is dedicated to the memory of its victims. The PhD project was funded by a Galway Film Studies Fellowship.

For the 25 minute audio visual reflection THERE ARE NO OTHER ‘OTHERS‘: TOWARDS A SUSTAINABLE ETHICS, excerpts from the film THE LEGACY were used together with quotations by the philosopher Rosi Braidotti to highlight the need for a revised perspective that facilitates a ‘renegotiation of our being in this together‘ (Braidotti 2006: 271). The film was screened at the Dublin Biennial 2014.