Seamai 2. Composting is cool

Seamai’s friend ‘Winnie the Beach Worm’ tells about composting and how her cousin “Woupy Worm’ has a “great time with his friends living and feasting in a compost heap”.

2:50 min, 16 mm,

cut-out, puppet and plasticine animation,

Camera and Lighting: Norbert Hobrecht

Additional model/animation: Neil McGrath

Set graphics: Orla Boyle

Colouring: Lisa Redmond

Voice: Dominick Moore

Music: Diarmuid Grainger

Recording: Dennis Herlihy

Sound: Phil Croxal and Peter Brookes

Additional research: Brian Murphy

Best Girl: Juljana Wrede

Initiated by Cork City and County Council

as part of the 20/20 Vision Waste Management Campaign.

Crinklefilms 2000